We build technologies such as wearable devices, smartphone apps, and informatics and voice analysis tools to help diagnose, assess, monitor, and improve mental health.

We are a research lab within the Child Mind Institute and work with clinicians and patients who inspire and guide the development of our technologies. Please click on any of the projects below to learn more.


We are building our own devices that users wear to monitor and receive feedback about behaviors related to their mental health. Below are examples of devices we are currently testing.

The Thermo

The Thermo wearable

for position tracking

The Tingle

The Tingle wearable

for compulsive behaviors

Actigraphy comparison study

Comparison study

of wearable devices

Smartphone Apps

Our apps provide a convenient way of extending therapies from the clinic to the home in an engaging way. See a few examples below of apps currently under development.

Mindlogger app


Data Collection App

Token Tower

Token Tower

OCD app

Taction app


exposure therapy app

Informatics Tools

We are constructing a mental health database that contains questions from over 80 mental health questionnaires, all of the symptoms from diagnostic psychiatry manuals such as the DSM-5, and information about technologies related to mental health. Below are a few projects that make use of this database.

map of coauthorship of PubMed publications using FCP/INDI data

Bibliometric analysis

of open data literature

Questionnaires study

Questionnaires study

to select informative questions


My Mind Matters Quiz

for mental health profiles

Voice Analysis

We are interested in all levels of voice analysis as they relate to mental health, from low-level voice features to high-level syntax and semantics of speech.


mhealthx software pipeline

for feature analysis

Selective mutism study

Selective mutism study

using voice analysis

Analysis of children's voice data

Children's voice data

acquisition and analysis

The Team

Our lab is a small but unstoppable team. We work with clinicians as well as other researchers to ensure that what we build has the greatest potential for helping people improve their mental health, either at the Child Mind Institute or anywhere in the world.

Arno Klein


Curt White

Device Developer

Jon Clucas

Data Analyst

Anirudh Krishnakumar

PhD student

Jake Son

Research Assistant


Deep Learning